Film Festival 2023

Film Festival 2023

About the Film Festival


2009: How It All Began

The genesis of the Film Festival began with an idea, two students, and a Latin American Literature class. Guillermo Martínez Sotelo warmly recalls, “We convinced Dr. Lanin Gyurko to let us shoot a short film instead of having a final paper. It should have been the spring of 2009 because there was good weather when we shot the short film. He loved the film, and so did we! The whole class participated. I’m pretty sure we got an A. The quality of the film is dubious, but the effort was awesome!”

2010-2023: Evolution

“After doing that, Nate and I realized how much we enjoyed the process and how beneficial it would be for our basic/intermediate language students. So, we proposed to Dr. Malcolm Compitello to have a Film Festival (the DSPFF, which I think the first iteration was either in the spring or fall of 2010). It was a great learning experience, and I can only say that it makes me extremely happy that it’s still going 13 years later.”

Thank you, Guillermo Martínez Sotelo and Nate J. Mehr!